About your journey

Most epic women I’ve worked with have had the same core journey.

It’s like a knock on your door. Some people say, you feel called. Sometimes it’s an idea that just keeps coming up in your mind. Other times it feels like a physical urge. Eventually, we come to recognize our desire to experience our power and contribute our gifts through entrepreneurship. That’s the call—your desire phone rings. It might be a whisper or a loud blare. Either way you hear it and your path to business begins…

Sound familiar?

This is The Heroine’s Business Journey™. It’s the same as mine. And it’s yours too. And, since you’re here, there’s a big part of you that knows that already.

About Sacha Sterling,
Founder Thrive Virtual

Sacha Sterling is a Business Mentor for visionary women committed to creating income and impact online while also having a fulfilling life. She is the best selling author of The Life Coach Business Model, was named Woman Of The Year from Simply Woman Magazine and has served over 1000 women on their journey to create financial independence, time freedom and emotional fulfillment through launching and scaling their own home-based online businesses. As a Master Empowerment Coach, Sacha knows firsthand how to support women, mothers and families as they lead from vision and possibility while also maneuvering through life’s challenges to come out stronger, happier and more successful than ever!


A love note to other women on the journey… ​


First off, I just want to say that if I can do this, you can definitely do this. I always felt called to create, called to live, called to become, called to give. I was never too attached to how that expressed itself or showed up. I just always followed the thread of what felt right.

However, when I became a young mom of a newborn and a 2 yr old, I found myself always out-pouring as a Mom and Wife.

And, the next best step seemed cloudy. I was immersed fully in being a Mama, and the result was that I was restless and exhausted. I was (and am) in love with my little ones, but I also felt totally alone. I didn’t want to put my kids in daycare. I didn’t want to feel exhausted. But, I did want community. I did want something that was uniquely mine. I was so thirsty to express myself, make an impact, and experience empowerment. After a while, the restlessness got so bad, I knew I needed to do something…I knew I needed to answer my calling.

So, I poured out all my emotions and ideas, and I called my sister…

In 2010, right after our phone call, my sister forwarded me an email that changed the course of everything: two women were claiming the next era of the women’s movement. What defined this movement? Women refusing to make the choice between Mom/Wife AND having a career. They were working from home leveraging the internet. These women were speaking my language. They were making a difference by creating generational wealth.

That day without a bank account in my own name. I decided I’m answering the call. I’m going to be a coach. I called the 800 number and signed up. I remember showing up to those group coaching calls, every week for six months. I was shy. I never raised my hand. One day that changed too — finally, I claimed it: Hi, my name is Sacha. And I want to be an empowerment coach for women.

Claiming mastery

That day, I let my mentor fully see me—she coached, and she walked me through my personalized plan. This plan would support my growth for years to come. I committed to becoming. I committed to being okay with myself and my story. I got to know myself and I let other women in.

I learned the power of mentorship, vision, and community. And it was so much fun. Very quickly, I started making between $500 and $2,000 a month during my kids’ nap time.

I remember, people used to ask me, what do you do? And it was like this secret….like this quiet secret that I carried. And I didn’t really tell anyone for a bit, even though I was in love with being a coach. I loved having something to do, to channel my love, and support other women. I realized that this secrecy was selfish. And I got to grow and claim my desire.

“I realized, women in business really is an act of social change, and I committed myself to mastery.”

Wake up call

My Heroine’s Journey to this point was a series of brave steps, and as you can tell, there was a part of me that was still testing the waters… a year later, I thought I made it. I had the house, the cars, the kids, the man, and my side hustle. With my business, I was able to fund my organic kid-clothes habit. But, I was still hiding. I wasn’t stretching outside of my comfort zone. I wasn’t charging really for my services, or charging very much. I was giving a lot away. And although I was being featured by my mentor on stages, I knew that I was only living from 2% of my potential. But my environment was so comfortable that I thought, you know, this is good enough. Well, the universe had other plans…

Seemingly overnight, my husband’s brick and mortar businesses which we had expanded at that point had begun to collapse. And within six months, it was as if the house of cards just completely fell to the ground. We lost our house; our cars got repossessed. I started working 80 hrs+ and weekends at our stores with my two kids in tow. We pulled my daughter out of private school, and we went into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

We sold everything we could. It got so bad when we moved into a tiny little house. We couldn’t even put the power on. I sold my wedding ring to turn the power on and used the last $20 or $30 to buy my kids tacos. My mother in law gave us a truck that had three seats for our family of four.

We would squish into it. I was mortified. My worst case scenario had happened. And it wasn’t until there was really nothing left that I pulled out a piece of paper and asked myself:

What am I going to do? How are we going to get ourselves out of this, and what do I have left to leverage?

And I wrote down one thing: my online coaching business. Looking back now I can’t believe how much I undervalued myself and my vision…Up until then I really saw it as a hobby, a glorified expensive hobby.

And I looked at that blank piece of paper and thought, “hmm, if I could make $500 – $2000 a month without really knowing what I’m doing or how I’m doing it, there must be something here.”

That was back in 2014.

That day, was the first day, I fully owned it. I decided that I was our best bet…and that I was going to bet on myself. That day, I became the founder. I became the CEO, and I didn’t even know it

My full yes!

With the decision to bet on myself, I opened up to seeing what I hadn’t previously seen, to learn something new.

I started to do research online, even though I really didn’t love being online, (I claimed I “hated social media”) and refused to get a Facebook account.

But, I started to try things, new things. I asked: How could I make more money with my online business? Again, my sister came to the rescue and forwarded me an email of two women yet again talking about strategic online marketing, and how you can really turn the tap on when you want, once you have a business that’s systematized— one where you know what to do, how to do it, and in what order to make money. They conveyed: once you have your own business and you know the way forward, you’re in control, you’re in the power position. No longer do you have to worry about someone else dictating your circumstances.

What they were really talking about was: women in business, who make money, change the world. I was in…

I called the 800 number yet again. I moved some stuff around, and I spent my last couple hundred dollars for a down payment on that program. The classes felt like being in a German class. And I don’t speak German. But I fumbled along, and I was so willing, because I was so committed to the breakthrough. Even not really knowing what I was doing, I made six figures in contracted sales in six weeks. And it became the lifeline that pulled our family out of hundreds of thousands in debt and recreated our life—this time—on a strong foundation.

I was able to retire my husband for a couple years from businesses he hated. He took care of the kids, as I grew. And now, he has his own online business where he’s on purpose as a health coach and making a really big difference. We are all home together.

The journey Continues…

The Journey

Today, I’ve served thousands of women all around the world. Through the process, not only did I really learn how to make money, but I truly met myself and saw how powerful and capable I am, how powerful women are, and how women with money can create social change.

Topics around Women and money are critical conversations at this juncture in history: especially when we get to be our own boss, and craft a life that not only works but feels good.

And that’s really the edge that I like to play on with women and my clients—

How good will I let it get? How good will I let myself feel?

I take myself on every day with how good I’ll let it become because martyrdom has been modeled to me growing up. And, like all women in business, I am an act of social change ;-p

A yes to yourself

So I’m not saying it’s an easy path or that it’s instantaneous, but it’s the path that most compels me to continue. From my brick-and-mortar to online business, I lived first-hand the transition from Industrial Age business models to Information Age business models, and I feel an absolute sense of duty and obligation to share with you the simple yet strategic business building secrets behind the scenes that set sail to your dreams.

It doesn’t have to be that hard for you. I really believe that not everyone has to face losing everything to breakthrough, but what it does take is a decision…It’s a yes to yourself that says— I want in. I want to create my own legacy through entrepreneurship:

  • Yes, I’m going to bet on myself
  • Yes, I’m going to go on that heroines business journey
  • Yes, I’m going to take on my personal development through business development.
  • And Yes, I’m worthy of doing it with support, and with other women, and in an environment where it feels safe to risk.

The Journey

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for women who had already gone a few steps or many steps ahead of me and illuminated the pathway. They were there, saying “hey, it’s really nice over here. And here’s the pathway to get here, you can do it too.” And so that’s what this site, and my work is all about, is illuminating the pathway that I’ve walked in case it could be of service to you in any way. It really is like the golden lottery ticket time to be alive.

The internet has changed the game. And if you’re willing to learn the new rules. You can win it.

And it’s not a competition. We all get to win together. So what’s next for me? We’ll see. Right now it’s responding to COVID and everything 2020 has brought learning how to be a homeschooling mother and scale this company. We’re about to move and the kids are really trying to convince us to get a dog. What I love most about being an entrepreneur is the choice. How much choice I have on a day to day basis and how grateful I feel every day.

We may not have control over the world and the future – but we can have control over how much freedom we experience in the day to day of our own life.

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