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If you found your way here, then I know you are embarking on your own heroine’s journey in business and literally changing the culture in real time. We are having the most cutting edge conversation in women’s empowerment to date right. I am so glad you are choosing yourself and joining us

The truth is that women succeeding in business is an act of social change. Online coaching and education are  the fastest growing industries second only to tech and projected to be at $400B within the next few years. Isn’t that crazy? What’s wilder is that women are only 12% of the six figure business owners in the United States today. When a woman is both financially secure and emotionally fulfilled and resourced – there is nothing we can’t have, do, become or heal in this world. 

I’m Jen Parker, business strategist, women’s empowerment coach, and CEO of Thrive Virtual, passionate about helping you achieve 6-figures and beyond. One thing I know for sure is this: We rise higher together. 

I am committed to help you create impact, while having emotional fulfillment, financial independence and feeling good along the way. You can have what you want through divine femine entrepreneurship. 

About Jen Parker,
CEO, Thrive Virtual

As a teenage girl, I decided to become a journalist. I wanted to be immersed in an intellectual world, to steep myself in big ideas, to rub shoulders with those touching the pulse of our society. It lit me up. I put myself in places to meet people who could teach me –  and off onto the next chapter I went.

In my 20s, I  went from a small town in Canada to the exciting world of tv news in Washington, DC. I had so much fun, which showed me I was in the right place. Within a few years, I became a top reporter and producer for CBC News and ABC News, covering the intersection between gender, race and class in politics. Interviewing lawmakers, writing stories about things that made me think and have an opinion, I was adding value and learning about what truly mattered.

I got to see women of impact up close and personal. Maya Angelou, Gayle King, and Christiane Amanpour to name a few. These were strong, confident, independent women I wanted to emulate. We rise higher together and seeing the sacred feminine in each of them held the mirror up on how I wanted to live, too. 

I felt powerful, confident, and important mixing with powerhouse lawmakers on Capitol Hill and the White House. I got married and life felt like it couldn’t get better. I bought a home and became pregnant with my first daughter. Postpartum depression grabbed me and then all-too-quickly, I found myself at a critical choice point. 


Everything changed.


Yes, I wanted to thrive professionally and I wanted this, too. To be a mother, to have a family, to nurture others. The masculine drive in me was sharpened, now it was time to soften with my feminine side and lean into motherhood. A female mentor at the time pulled me aside and asked if I understood what I was giving up. 

To be honest, I didn’t fully understand the journey I was about to embark on. I couldn’t have.

But I do now. 

As I hear from so many other successful women, after becoming a wife and mother I quickly found myself sinking into the quicksand of a huge identity crisis. Who am I if I am not the title of my career? 

Where was the confident young woman who went live on the air on national tv? 

My body had changed, so had my role and relationship to those closest to me including my husband. Suddenly I fell deep in servitude to others, making a thousand micro-choices in my marriage that prioritized my husband’s career and left me feeling… unseen, unsafe, and erased. My second daughter was born. Postpartum depression took hold again. My dreams felt far away as the demands of family and babies took over. 

Claiming mastery

As time went on, I realized no one was coming to save me. I longed to feel financially safe, to be seen, and celebrated for who I was. I couldn’t be the same woman; I needed to change. I got a job at a non-profit and felt pulled in too many directions running from kids to work and back. I wasn’t using my gifts and the money was disappointing. I felt lost. I knew how to work. I knew how to mother. Doing both meaningfully at the same time while honoring my own dharma as a woman in the world, time for myself, my spiritual practices and health… that was beyond me. I heard the whispers of my heart tell me: This isn’t it. 

Then came the determination in me… If it could be done, I was determined to figure out how. I wanted to be fulfilled, to live out my highest, fullest expression, to be the type of mother and have the family life I wanted, too. I started doing the inner work, following a spiritual growth path that was humbling, hard, exciting, lonely… 

Earning money – a lot of it – from home so I could be present for my girls seemed like the logical step. So, that’s what I did. I left the 9-5 grind.

Then came the businesses…

Marketing agency, healthy food vending machine company, business strategist, sales. 

"I began building skillsets in business coaching, digital marketing, sales, and online business."

Wake up call

The personal growth lover in me led me to Business Mastery with Tony Robbins, who my intuition knew would have something for me. How I knew, I couldn’t tell you… I just knew. Turns out, I was right. 

Yet again, life was guiding me and everything would change. I went to an event and felt like I was with people who got me. I had been navigating a lot in the dark, successful on the surface but void on the inside. 

In this community, I could see light at the end of the tunnel again. I got to remember who I was and see the fears trying to hold me back. By the time the trademark Tony experience of walking on fire came, doubt hit me hard. Could I do this? I wasn’t the young wild woman I used to be… I was a mother, a wife, tired and unsure. A flashback to childhood came as I stood in line to cross the coals. I could feel myself in that moment of doubt, when I didn’t know if I’d succeed, but I knew I had to try. 
Again, I had a choice and the crossroads would lead me in very different directions. I could freeze in doubt or I could walk forward with confidence. Wise words from another woman of impact, Elizabeth Gilbert, walked me through that fire, telling my inner doubter:  “You can sit in the back seat. I’m in charge of this vehicle.”

I had walked through fire before just in different ways. Yet again, I was carried forward by the fierce feminine. Fast forward 5 years laters and I was making 6 figures, the owner of my own business, in the front row at Tony’s event, partnering with him as a business strategist, looked up to as a top seller and unstoppable force with heavy hitters, working with some of the top coaching and personal growth companies on the planet and breaking company records. 

I climbed across records and was living a dream. I went after what I wanted even when I didn’t feel adequate, this was a theme I didn’t outgrow because it never ends. Growth means getting uncomfortable again and again. 

Truth be told, a lot of the time I didn’t know what the F I was doing. I showed up, I got in front of the right people, I didn’t give up and let tenacity drive me. But it took longer than it needed to and I’m here now to help vision led women like you collapse decades into days. 

Online business is the new way to have it all. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it, I want more women having it and now is the time.

My full yes!

I met Thrive Virtual’s visionary founder Sacha Sterling in 2020 partnering while I was working with Tony Robbins as a business strategist

… and among the thousands of business owners I was working with – I fell in love with her vision for women rising together through entrepreneurship. Simply. Elegantly. Feeling good along the way. 

In 2022, I felt a new call to surrender to a higher vision, not in servitude of others but in service to the vision of what was coming forth from within me, what wanted to be created, expanded and birthed into existence. Can you relate? Are you hearing your own call right now?

I wanted to help other women travel the most terrifying first steps of their own online business journey.

Two years later, we partnered to expand her mission to provide heart-centered, spiritual women in action with a simple framework to get to six figures and beyond.  I’ve gone all in on this mission to partner with other women to create their life in business balancing the creative, intuitive divine feminine flow with the masculine structures in business that can create sustainable, scalable 6-figure success and beyond. 

You can create an online business that allows you to work on a schedule you can control, give you more time for your own spiritual practices, your health and to create by design the life and family of your dreams. You can thrive with your values and vision intact. 

 As women, so many of us identify as givers, to be in servitude and believing we are here to give. What many women haven’t seen or trusted is that we are also here to get. That we can actually surrender in service of the vision we have for our lives. 

The journey Continues…

The Journey

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for women who had already gone a few steps or many steps ahead of me and illuminated the pathway. They were there, saying “hey, it’s really nice over here. And here’s the pathway to get here, you can do it too.” 

And so that’s what this site, and my work is all about, is illuminating the pathway that I’ve walked in case it could be of service to you in any way. It really is like the golden lottery ticket time to be alive.

The internet has changed the game. And if you’re willing to learn the new rules. You can win it.

And it’s not a competition. We all get to win together. So what’s next for me? We’ll see. Right now it’s expanding the reach of this mission and vision and scaling this company to serve women willing to step into their own light. And continually working on BEING. Being still. Being present. So I can hear the next whisper of my heart. 

What I love most about being an entrepreneur is the choice. How much choice I have on a day to day basis and how grateful I feel every day.

We may not have control over the world and the future – but we can have control over how much freedom we experience in the day to day of our own life.

A yes to yourself

I’m going all in on my dream because I believe in yours. 

What started as a pipe dream in high school has morphed into a global dream. The feminine business model of collaboration is expanding because of the female unity we are building right here. Women in business is an act of social change. Your vision matters and it’s ready to take flight. With my background in business and your vision, nothing can stop you. Welcome to your sisterhood for success. 

More and more, heart-centered, spiritual women are using their business as a vehicle to become self actualized –  as a tool of personal growth. I see you. I believe in you. You can do this. Let’s do  itthis. Together. 

Our mantra inside Thrive Virtual is how good will you let it get. How good will you let yourself feel? This is where the heroine’s journey in business goes to the next level…

It is my honor, joy and privilege to share this part of my journey with you. 

  • Yes, I’m going to bet on myself
  • Yes, I’m going to go on that heroines business journey
  • Yes, I’m going to take on my personal development through business development.
  • And Yes, I’m worthy of doing it with support, and with other women, and in an environment where it feels safe to risk.

About Sacha,
Founder, Thrive Virtual

Sacha Sterling is a coach for visionary women committed to creating income and impact online while also having a fulfilling life. As our top coach and founder of Thrive Virtual, you will find her teaching weekly inside our signature program, 6-Figure Club.

She is the best-selling author of The Life Coach Business Model, was named Woman Of The Year from Simply Woman Magazine, and has served over 1000 women on their journey to create financial independence, time freedom, and emotional fulfillment through launching and scaling their own home-based online businesses.

As a Master Empowerment Coach, Sacha knows firsthand how to support women, mothers and families as they lead from vision and possibility while also maneuvering through life’s challenges to come out stronger, happier and more successful than ever.

She went from coaching one hour a week during her daughter’s naptime and charging $25-per-hour … to making six figures in contracted sales within a six week period. Her coaching business became the lifeline that pulled her family out of hundreds of thousands in debt and recreated their on a strong foundation. 

She grew her own online business to 7-figures with no ad spend and spent as little at 12 hours a week working the business.  She is currently working on a podcast about all things …  sacred. 

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