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Every woman on a mission goes through clear and predictable milestones along her path to creating a thriving business. This one game-changing tool supports you by helping you move through each new initiation like a boss. Start your success story by claiming it. Embark on the Heroine’s business journey.

You Dream of living a full life that includes a thriving business that you love.

Instead, you find yourself stuck in a holding pattern, not knowing the next strategic move for what’s starting to feel like an expensive hobby and turning it into something REAL. No, it’s not too much to ask to have a thriving business that makes money, creates an impact, and, most importantly, brings you joy. Get ready to claim all that and more.

The Claim Your Success Story Challenge will help you discover —

Your success story, right now, so you can claim it and live into it every day.

Why some people seem to grow a thriving business without losing themselves and how you can too.

Where you are in the Heroine’s Business journey, your most recent initiation, and the strategic next step.

After you say yes to this FREE challenge - a 12-part video series will be heading your way.

You’ll get your own personal library of 12 Videos (and it’s way better than your last Netflix binge)

Wait, there’s more! Actionable tools and resources

Learn how acts of self-affirmation make all the difference. HINT: we’ve been taught for so long to deny our pleasure, now we get to relearn how to say YES.

Are your emotions fueling or diffusing your success? Understand the scale and the “weight” of your emotions from a place of non-judgment. Assess if your thoughts are productive to YOU and society, and more importantly how you actually shift them up the scale, no matter where you’re starting.

A bird’s eye map of the entrepreneurial path. So you can celebrate your progress, no matter when you are and anticipate your next initiation.

So you can be among other heroine’s going through their own journey.

if you make it to the end of the challenge and claim your success story, you’ll receive a one-on-one call to review your progress, what came up for you, and what’s next.

In addition to generating tangible results in your business the intention of this challenge is that it’s fun, engaging, and most of all, soul-nourishing.

Just like your thriving business can feel too. Get some of this energy now, and claim this ease for good.

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