Do you struggle with selling your products and services in an authentic way?

Are you feeling embarrassed and discouraged because you reach out to people and maybe get them on the phone but can’t successfully enroll them? 

You’re tired of leaving money on the table because you’re rushing through the offer, assuming the “perfect” product should sell itself and you’re secretly angry that those expensive scripts aren’t working. 

And you’re starting to think it’s you…

The truth is that you need to stop over complicating sales and start having fun making serious profit in your business.

The Selling With Confidence Profit Incubator Will Help You Finally Step Into Your Selling Power While Staying In Your Feminine.

The Simple Sales Conversation That Keeps You In Your Feminine

No more awkward scripts that keep you in your head and leaving money on the table letting ideal clients off the phone when you know that they need what you have to offer!

How To Craft An Irresistible Offer So That You Always Sell Out Your Programs

Communicate your program in a way that fills you with confidence and certainty and enjoy your ideal clients happily self selecting themselves into your offer through leveraged sales strategies – no more need for phone sales!

Handling Objections Without Being Pushy

Discover the 3 reasons people don’t buy and how to gracefully team with your buyer against the objection so that they self coach themselves into possibility and buy feeling connected to you and grateful for the answer they’ve been looking for!

After you say yes to this FREE Selling With Confidence Profit Incubator - a 10-part video training series will be heading your way.

This is for YOU if…

Wait, there’s more! Actionable tools and resources

Understand your belief systems around selling, your current strategy, emotional baseline and results and how to fix it!

Are your emotions fueling or diffusing your success? Understand the scale and the “weight” of your emotions from a place of non-judgment. Assess if your thoughts are productive to YOU and society, and more importantly how you actually shift them up the scale, no matter where you’re starting or what is going on in your life.

There is a map to follow to help you on your entrepreneurial path. The Heroine’s Business Journey is one of predictable initiations. When you know what to expect you can be kinder to yourself and celebrate your progress and anticipate your next initiation.

The new way of business success includes connected sisterhood. Join our private Facebook group Thrive Sisterhood and finally feel like you belong.

When you take join us for Selling With Confidence Profit Incubator   you’ll receive a one-on-one call to review your progress, what came up for you, and what’s next so that you are set up to claim your success story once and for all!

Kristy's story:

“I decided to work with Shannon and Sacha because my struggle was not having the confidence or feeling comfortable selling.

I wasn’t feeling my authentic self. I never wanted to feel salsy even though I had scripts and things I really wasn’t able to get myself in the right mindset.

I took lots of notes during our calls and I found myself going back to them when I was writing out my offer. I feel so incredible to be in this new mindset.

I am now confidently making my offer and I truly believe in the value of what I’m providing and the transformation of what people will receive. The result is that in less than a week I sold two people at my new premium offer!”

Meet Your Master Enrollment Coaches

Sacha Sterling

Shannon Tran

Sacha Sterling is the Founder of Thrive Virtual. We’re on a mission to empower women with the tools they need to create their own legacy through entrepreneurship. Our vision is a world where women are emotionally fulfilled and financially independent. Sacha has served thousands as a Master Empowerment Coach and Business Strategist, supporting visionary women to finally feel like the worthy, confident and successful entrepreneurs they know they can be. The convergence between identity transformation, personal power and tangible results is where Sacha loves to serve. 

Dr. Shannon Tran is the founder of Money Mindset Mastery Academy, an online mentoring program for ambitious women who want to break free of their limitations and experience financial confidence from the inside out- in any economy! After struggling with sales for months, Dr. Tran finally figured out how to sell with integrity and confidence leading her becoming the top closer on a sales team, generating 30k a month. Dr. Tran is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, international best selling author and a behavior health manager.  


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