How to Create an Irresistible Offer That Attracts Your Ideal Client

Tony Robbins, famous author, coach, and motivational speaker, says that for ultimate success in business, you only need two things:

  1. Know your ideal client better than they know themselves
  2. Make them an irresistible offer

When you’re able to pin down those two things, the rest will come together. Your sales will increase, your income will grow, and you will realize success for your business.

Offer the Solution to Your Client’s Problem
The secret to an irresistible offer is knowing who it’s for and what specific problem it solves. To uncover this, we must first choose and claim who we’re serving–and how. Getting absolute clarity on this will make things much simpler going forward.

Look to Your Own, Relatable Stories
A great way to develop your offer and choose your ideal client, is to draw from your own personal experience. Your story is what qualifies you. Look at your own story bank and the challenges and desires you have had in the past. Think about wrapping your offer around one of your stories, and then marketing it to potential customers. That kind of shared experience and relatability is what creates the most connected experience with your buyers. They will want to buy from you because you understand their challenges, and readily offer exactly what they need. For clients, trusting that the person they’re purchasing from truly understands their problem is so important for not only the first purchase, but loyalty purchases down the road.

Interview an Existing or Potential Client
Quite often, there’s a disconnect between what we think our buyers want, and what they actually want. Additionally, it’s common to move too quickly. We assume they want to be many steps farther down the road when they’re actually not ready for those steps yet. If we slow down and really listen and connect with our buyer, we have the key to crafting an irresistible offer. Do this by interviewing an existing or potential client and ask questions that will help you truly get to the bottom of their challenges. Record the conversation so you can revisit it when needed.

Then, craft your offer using the exact language and verbiage that you heard from them. This helps potential clients self-identify with what you’re selling. They see themselves in your offer because you’re speaking their language. When they read your materials, or see you in a live video, you want them to stop and think, “She gets me. She’s talking to me. Yes, I want that”.

Utilize an Offer Sheet
The next step is creating a pre-written offer sheet that you will work from when speaking to a potential client. Below is the Thrive Virtual offer sheet template and proven method for converting leads into buyers. We have tried and tested the order of these steps for over ten years with thousands of buyers. When you fill out and implement this template for your business it will support you in selling your products and services. Examples of times you can follow this template are at the end of a sales call, at the end of a webinar or live stream, or as a jumping off point for sales copy on your website.

Offer Sheet Template

What it is
Describe the offer. It should be literal and easy to understand. Add a short description to further unpack it.

Who it’s for
This is where your research on your ideal client comes into play. Describe who the offer is for and how the prospect will see themselves in the offer.

What they get
This is where a lot of people tend to go wrong. They just list out the deliverables of the product or service, without describing the problems it solves for the client. Instead, focus on benefit-driven statements. People buy identity and feelings. To communicate the benefits most effectively, develop three to five bullet point statements, using the language you have learned from your interviews and research.

How it’s delivered
Describe the logistics and mechanics of how your product or service reaches your client. Walk through the entire process in your head to ensure you aren’t leaving out anything important.

The price
Develop a simple cost structure, one that is easy to understand. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to be interested, but then confused and full of doubt when it comes to the costs involved.

Bonus bundle
Describe anything beyond the initial product or service that will be of value to your ideal client. It may be an add-on freebie, a subscription, or a coupon on the next purchase.

Sell Your Solution

Every potential buyer has challenges and is always looking for solutions that feel right, as well as come from a person or company they feel understands them. They may not have anything in mind for the solution, but they will know it when they hear it. If you put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes, think how they think, and speak how they speak about their problem, you will zero in on what matters to them. This is how you will sell successfully. This is your irresistible offer.