Where Heart-Centered Women Grow Their Online Businesses to 6-Figures and Beyond

Want to turn your brilliant idea into 6-figure success and beyond? 

Do you have a calling in your heart to positively change the lives of others?

Are you ready to grow your online business?

Do you want to create a life filled with emotional wealth and financial abundance?

We are on a mission to provide women with the tools to create their own legacy through divine feminine entrepreneurship. 

You have a unique gift to share with the world.

Deep down, you know your soul’s deepest purpose is to share your gift. You are destined to uplift and transform the lives of others.

We feel you…

You’ve been elevating your vibration with law of attraction abundance practices, dancing to high frequency music, feeling gratitude deep in your bones and maybe even doing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s morning meditation…You’re on the precipice of bridging your spiritual work and your business goals, but there’s something in the gap between your vision and the number of clients you serve.

Your vision board alone isn’t enough to reach the masses…
You need a proven business strategy.

We have a message for you…


The Universe Wants to be Your Business Partner

You know how the law of attraction works…

You need a crystal-clear vision, vibrational alignment and inspired action.

In the business world that means you need the right business strategy coupled with your spiritual practices to create your goddess empire.

Are you ready to create a Six-Figure business doing soul nourishing work, without going into adrenal fatigue in the process?

Meet some of the women in our community who are living their best lives, generating emotional & financial wealth.

"I had hoped to sell out my high-end coaching group program to 12 women…but so many women wanted to buy, I had to increase the group size to 22! I can’t believe I sold out my first high-end group coaching program to 22 women!"

— Isabelle

"I trusted the process, followed the strategy and 4 months later I was a best-selling author, featured on several morning TV shows, growing my influence and selling my book!"

— Summer

"The best part of selling out my high-end program twice is that it’s validating to see that what I am bringing to the world is extremely valuable and I’m changing lives."

— Susy


We blend our unique spiritual practices in a feminine business model.

We do the inner spiritual work AND follow a proven business strategy that gets the bottom-line financial results your heart knows you are worthy of.

It’s not your fault that you have not met your financial goals.

You need a proven business strategy combined with your unique spiritual practices to flip the profit switch on your business.

Have you almost given up on your dream?

Are you one of the many powerful women who have a vision of running a successful online coaching business, but you don’t know where to start?

Is your partner supportive but looks at what you’re doing as an expensive hobby?

Is the fact that you aren’t making money putting a strain on your relationship?

We get it. We were once there too.

Your Heroine’s Journey

You’ve arrived at the point in your entrepreneurial Heroine’s Journey where you either have to make money or give up on your dream.

You know in your heart that you need to share your healing gifts with the world, but you don’t know how to earn money doing the work that is your soul’s calling.

You know with every cell in your body that how you serve others is needed in this world. This is more than a dream, you are called to do this work.

But maybe the only clients you’ve worked with have either been friends or are other women in your coaching programs….

Or you’ve invested more in your business than you are getting out of it, and it feels risky to keep going.

Or, maybe you feel like you’ve lost your identity inside of motherhood. You feel fulfilled on one level with being a mom, but you know that you have a bigger dream outside of your family that you also yearn to be in service to.

Or perhaps you’re a driven woman…once the breadwinner but you quit your soul-draining corporate job to start your own business…

…and you’re feeling like a failure because you aren’t making money yet and its starting to affect your marriage.

Are you spending money but not making money?

Despite your spiritual practices, do you find yourself in a scarcity mindset, overworked, deficient in self-care with a lot of negative self-worth conversations going on in your head?

For some women, the shame of not having succeeded yet can be overwhelming. The fear of judgment from others can make some women spend too much energy making their business look good, rather than doing what it takes to make it profitable.

Many women feel like there’s something wrong with them when they’re in the beginning stages of their business…they often feel isolated and alone, frustrated with the number of clients they are serving.

This is why so many women give up on their dreams.

Do you resonate with this?

This is actually a sign that you’re in the fertile phase of your business and ready to birth something big.


Love, YOU matter.

Your vision for your online business has been seeded in your heart from the Universe.

You are supposed to do this work and the time is now.

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you. It’s not your fault that you haven’t created a profitable business yet.

Part of the Heroine’s Journey is about breaking through your intergenerational trauma and collective guilt around women earning money.

…another part of the Heroine’s Journey is about being willing to let the Universe be your business partner.

There is a golden bridge to cross, that couples your sacred vision with a feminine-led business plan.


"I finally had my 6 figure year and it was simple. Deciding which of my offers to focus on first all the way to that 6 figures was the secret just like she said it would be. Now because of the simplify to amplify approach I have the time, cash flow and confidence to focus on my other business and create the same 6 figure results!"

— Christine

"This has completely changed my life. Building a business isn't easy when you don't know what to do. This has helped me create freedom through my business working from home and has helped me have an almost 100% close rate on my discovery calls."

— Darcy

"I just made a 10k sale! Just 15 minutes after getting sales training!"

— Lisa

"She elevates what is sacred in all women, and I am so blessed to have her as my personal business coach. I’m grateful to have someone on my team who is tuned in to what’s working so I don’t have to immerse myself in the business side. They are experts in online business and tell me when I need to pivot based on what is working, which gives me the freedom to have my finger on the dial of what my clients need and then lean into the community for support in growing the business side"

— Elissa

Emotionally Wealthy & Financially Wealthy

You’re Destined for More…

Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and imagine everything feeling easy.

Exhale and feel yourself being in alignment with your vision, following a crystal-clear path that magnetizes clients to you.

Inhale and feel yourself elevating others while luxuriating in financial freedom.

Exhale and smile because you get to create your schedule and choose who you want to have energy exchanges with.

Inhale deep into your belly and imagine building your influencer status, confidently wearing your cozy magenta cashmere sweater on a stage in front of hundreds.

Exhale as your clients pour gratitude over you for changing their lives.

Inhale empowerment and joy because the Universe is your business partner.

Exhale peace because you are fully supported in your business, with a team you adore.

Inhale and savor the abundance flowing to you, feeling the joy of your ancestors celebrating that you are the one in the lineage who broke free of the chains of scarcity.

Exhale this abundance back out into the world as you share your gifts and luxuriate in the bounty you’ve created for your family.

The time to shine your light on the world is now.

You’re Destined for More…

Welcome, Beautiful Soul!

So glad you are here with us! I’m Jen Parker, business strategist and women’s empowerment coach … passionate about helping women like you achieve 6-figures and beyond, create impact with your brilliant idea in the world, and have emotional fulfillment and financial independence.

I met Sacha in 2020 as a business strategist for Tony Robbins and was blown away by her commitment to merging spirituality with feminine business practices that lean into masculine business strategies that work.

I am thrilled to get the opportunity to partner with Sacha and Thrive Virtual and use my 15 years as an entrepreneur, business coach, top saleswoman and women’s advocate to help you create more income and space for yourself … and bring your gifts to the world. 

Hi Love,

I’m Sacha Sterling and I’m known as a top business coach to hundreds of women around the world for over a decade.

While I love the coaching work I do, I identify as a women’s advocate. I work with women who have a big vision to positively transform the world with their unique gifts, and in the process, grow their wealth.

What motivates me to coach entrepreneurial women?

I love empowering women to nourish their soul by expressing their unique gifts and then use their wealth to make an even bigger impact in the world.


Where Heart-Centered Women, like YOU, Grow Their Online Businesses to 6-Figures and Beyond

The Soul Business Alchemy Online Retreat is a unique business summit because it takes you on a Heroine’s journey, featuring a feminine-led business path, with a masculine container to hold the structure.

This is a business mentorship masterclass that holds your vision for changing the world sacred. Period. Your vision will inform your business journey.

You will also follow a path, step by step, to grow your business to 6-figures and beyond so that you will make a huge impact on the world.

Because you matter.

The world needs your gifts now more than ever…

…and you need to thrive in your business in order to make the impact your soul yearns for.

Our FREE Soul Led Business Growth Summit will give you the exact formula you need to break through Six-Figures and beyond

"After selling-out my first high-end program, I know that I can do it again and again. I know exactly what I need to do to get the same results with each sales cycle."

— Lindsay

Not only did I achieve my 6 figure goal, I'm known as a top female DJ globally, wrote a best selling book and get asked to speak on stages to thousands all while raising my kids in a rural northern ca town.

— Michelle

By now, you know that our Soul Business Alchemy Online Retreat guides you through the proven business strategies, step by step, so that you will meet your financial goals for you and your family.

Here’s what your FREE online
Soul Led Business Growth Summit includes:


It is safe to step into your power and be the Visionary Leader of your business.

Having a proven business strategy that is balanced with both feminine and masculine principles, and knowing when to apply each, is how you will grow your impact and sell out your online coaching programs.

Keep doing your spiritual work and gather the feminine-led business strategies that hundreds of women are using to expand into their greatest wealth.

Stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, with other powerful women, whom you will to grow your impact and wealth with.


We know how daunting it can feel to start an online business. When Sacha began her, she was juggling an infant, a toddler, and post-partum depression. She had a vision for herself to be a capable, successful woman, but didn’t know how to manifest it.

Jen walked a similar path trying business after business to be the kind of present, successful mom she wanted to be.

When we found our first coaches, we didn’t even tell our husbands what we were doing for the first several months. But we knew in our hearts that we were on the right path. It wasn’t long before we were both completely supporting our families with our respective online businesses. Our businesses nourished us because we got to do the work our souls yearned for.

This is how we know that the work YOU want to bring to the world matters. You matter. Your heart’s biggest dream is important. We are 100% committed to your vision because it is unique and only you can bring these unique gifts forward.

It is an absolute honor to coach the women in this free Soul Led Business Growth Summit. It nourishes us to curate this group of powerhouse women and to guide them to greater levels of success year after year. Each woman truly belongs in this community and in our hearts.

We’re excited for you to begin this empowering business journey and learn how to bring your vision alive to change the lives of others while substantially increasing your income.

Lots of Love,
Jen + Sacha