The Soul Led Business Growth Summit

Fully Step Into Your Calling, Feel Supported By Your Plan And Resourced To Go On The Journey Of A Lifetime

Day One

Alisha Whaley

Brand Mentor & Strategist. Helping you transform yourself into a CONFIDENT business owner. Founder of AliCOLE, a former graphic designer with over 17 years experience in the branding industry. In 2021, Alisha co-authored the international bestseller “She Did It & So Can You”, said goodbye to graphic design and hello to stepping into her calling as a Brand Mentor. All while raising her twin boys. Alisha’s deepest desire is to share her knowledge so you can save time and energy promoting your business on social media and get back the freedom to be more present in your own zone of genius. 

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Amy Van Slambrook

Amy Van Slambrook is a licensed psychotherapist and certified coach.  She helps high impact women who are CEOs and leaders, reclaim and elevate into the truest most powerful version of themselves in their business, relationship and life by doing deep healing and transformation at the body, mind and soul levels. With over 25 years of professional experience in psychotherapy, executive leadership, genetic and psychological research, functional medicine and entrepreneurship, Amy brings vast experience to her work in post-traumatic growth and holistic wellness and empowerment.

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Christine Hart

Christine has been helping women navigate their relationships by reconnecting with their authentic selves for over 17 years. She believes deep, powerful connections are accessible to all of us. She specializes in helping women better understand the intrinsic nature of men and women (and our masculine/feminine sides) and gain the ability to be understanding and appreciative of these differences. Christine is a professional speaker, has been interviewed by over 200 media outlets and was the love expert on 13 episodes of the TV series, LoveTrap. She has also created Hart Coaching Academy to mentor and train coaches. She’s studied with Alison Armstrong (Licensed Partner of PAX), the Gottman Institute (Level 2 Practitioner), David Deida and many others. Her book, The Art of Living a Flirtatious Life will be re-released in 2022.

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Crystal Mallari

As the owner and founder of R3, Crystal, transitioning from stage to the gym floor and fitness studio was flawless, due to her ongoing quest to continually better her own body, mind and spirit. Crystal is a certified personal trainer, lifestyle fitness coach and certified group fitness instructor.

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Carmen Reed-Gilkison & Deirdre Harter

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Whole Person Certified Coach, and Deirdre Harter, CPA, are Business Strategists and Co-Founders of Encore Empire. Mission-oriented women over 40 hire Encore Empire to help optimize their foundational business strategy so they can focus on positively impacting the world. We help new and established female entrepreneurs increase bottom line profits in their online business consistently and holistically by leveraging their past experience, honoring their values, and empowering them to become financially savvy. With decades of combined entrepreneurial experience, we understand all aspects of business-building in the online marketplace. By combining our two areas of expertise we’ve created a uniquely holistic approach to launching and growing businesses.

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Ellie Bell

Ellie Bell is a certified life coach and former corporate executive who supports women to build unshakable trust in themselves so they can find their authentic truth and share it with the world without fear, learning to know, like and trust themselves fully. She is one half of Awakening the Wise Woman which is a collaboration between a qualified empowerment coach and a spiritual mentor designed to help women live more holistic and soul led lives, so they can make changes to the world to benefit future generations. We believe that women are the key to the change necessary in the world. Ellie works with clients to help them stop looking for external validation and understand that they have all they need within themselves.

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