The Soul Led Business Growth Summit

Fully Step Into Your Calling, Feel Supported By Your Plan And Resourced To Go On The Journey Of A Lifetime

Day Three

Melissa Buffington

Melissa is a Holistic Business & Life Coach, forging the businesses, families, and communities of the future by developing tomorrow’s leaders.

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Natasha Rockstrom

Natasha has worked with celebrities, billion-dollar business leaders, multi-millionaires, venture philanthropists, pioneering entrepreneurs, gifted children, well-being game changers, spiritual teachers and visionary investors. She is here to share with you what you know is true – you were born to change the world you live in. You have a purpose and a unique vision around bringing change to others. Today, Natasha is empowering soul led businesses and philanthropists to create true wealth, freedom and the capacity to change the lives of the people they serve through their soul’s greatest purpose.

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Samantha Ruth

Samantha is a Psychologist, Speaker, Podcast Host of The Be Ruthless Show, and Best Selling Author. She helps people around the world turn their pain into their power by guiding them to be their true selves not who they think they need to be, by embracing their differences, and by living life on their own terms. Samantha’s mission is to change the way the world views both grief and mental health, so people can speak openly about whatever issues they have and get the help they not only need but deserve without fear of judgment, labels, and repercussions. Samantha is the proud founder of Griefhab, a 24/7 community open to anyone who has experienced a loss. After personally living through this, Samantha realized just how much support she needed on a daily basis. She vowed to create these services so that others would have more support available in their times of need. In her free time, you can find Samantha with her pups, Sassy and Dallas, on one of their outdoor adventures. They love living in Colorado and never miss an opportunity to explore their beautiful surroundings. Music fuels Samantha’s soul, family means everything to her, and honoring her late husband, Jim, and making him proud gives her life daily purpose. You can work with Samantha individually, in one of her exclusive groups, or you can have her speak at your event or organization. Contact Samantha to determine what’s best for you at sam@samantharuth.com.

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Steph Weber

Steph is a fiery redhead who loves to dance, enjoys Broadway shows, and has a heart for adventure. She is married to her high school sweetheart and had her first baby boy, Eli, on Valentine’s Day (it’s a very mushy love story). She has grown up in Indianapolis, studied abroad in Europe, lived in New York City for a summer, moved to Phoenix for a couple of years, and now back in Indy. She spent 8 years in the branding and marketing industry which has led her here.

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Susan Gatti

With over 25 years as a corporate learning executive and 100’s of high-impact training programs completed, Susan is a leading expert in the creation, implementation, and sales of transformational training programs at scale. She has cracked the code on human performance and what it takes to go beyond “training” and actually solve the “performance gap” that gets her clients and their companies the bottom-line results that matter.

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WendyAnn Hornak

WendyAnn helps her clients herald unprecedented growth by revolutionizing their business processes. Having worked with world renowned leaders like Tony Robbins, Kelly Roach and Frazer Brooks to name a few, her knowledge and passion combined sets her apart from the crowd and allows her clients to flourish beyond their expectations. She has had the privilege of helping numerous Fortune 500 clients streamline their operating standards to have a positive impact not just on their margin but also growth. WendyAnn has been around the business world for decades, as both of her parents were top contributors on Wall Street in NYC. Her extensive knowledge combined with her passion to help others push past their obstacles and allow and accept the flow of abundance is what drives her clients to continue to want more for themselves and their business growth. She is a firm believer that the best investment anyone can make is in themselves, which will allow them to have a massive impact on others. Creating your own family economy is not only possible, it is imperative for achieving the time and financial freedom you desire (and deserve).

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