Your Business is a Sacred Incarnation

“As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and cleaner.” – Rumi

Your business is a being. A sacred incarnation of breath and force and will and change.

Just like you, your business has a destiny that is yearning to be unleashed. But you are not your business. Your individual soul destiny is not the same as that of your business … though the two are intertwined.

This year, starting now, let the golden, pulsing threads of your heart quicken. Allow the Divine knowing and feminine intelligence of your business to be free.

I recently had a special experience of Divine knowing and feminine intelligence at a retreat I attended with women business owners in the hills of Austin.

I was finally able to sit with myself in deep contemplation of what I wanted to embody in this next phase of business … after the past nine months of being steeped in a radical deconstruction of who I AM (including dissolving a partnership with an 8-figure sales company steeped in masculine push energy that no longer aligned with my desires and values).

This meditative retreat was a ceremony, a holy embodied experience that provided profound insights to help me navigate this season of undoing and re-creation.

I believe that one of those insights will help you, too.

As successful women striving to give our gifts to the world, we are often living in the haze of non-presence, caught in the looping cycles of shame, fear, and grief that we try to numb with activity, proving, planning, and performing.

When your heart is open and you’re willing to receive, the Divine realm is always awaiting you.

As I sat in meditative contemplation, I looked up at the afternoon sky as the sun glistened through the leaves of a beautiful tree rustling in a Spring breeze … and I received a clear, Divinely-timed message: You are the Delight of Your Creator.

Whoa. All the pushing, the angst, the internal power struggle fell away. I got it. An a-ha moment. I felt immediate clarification of how I wanted to feel while offering my gifts to the world: Delightful. Delighted. As we go about our offering our gifts to the world, our Creator is delighted by our efforts. 

This message, I believe is relevant to all who are called to create and grow a business that is the calling of our soul.

As we prepare to give our sacred gifts to the world through the vehicle of feminine entrepreneurship, how can we embody the delight? How can we infuse that delight in our offerings? How good will you let it get.  How good will you let yourself feel.