The Soul Led Business Growth Summit

Fully Step Into Your Calling, Feel Supported By Your Plan And Resourced To Go On The Journey Of A Lifetime

Day Two

Farida Ryan

Farida works with Individuals and Companies, teaching them the principles that she has learned from the greatest prosperity teacher in the world, Bob Proctor. She is mentored and trained by him and she has learned how to use his principles and implement them into her own life.

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Jennifer Spivak

Jennifer Spivak is the CEO & Founder of The Ad Girls, an all-female Facebook & Instagram Advertising agency. Named a Top Facebook Ads Manager to Watch and called the ”Conversion Queen” by Forbes, Jennifer is on a mission to help amplify women’s voices in the world through the powerful medium of Facebook Ads. She and her team have generated over $40,000,000 for their hundreds of notable clients worldwide, such as Danielle LaPorte who called Jennifer “The CIA Of Facebook Ads”.

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Josefine Wanner

CEO of the Empowered Entrepreneur Program, Former Corporate Executive turned Entrepreneur & Business Strategist Josefine spent almost 20 years as a financial services consultant and global program manager before the impact of a heartbreaking wake-up call gave her the courage to take the risk and leave corporate to pursue her dreams. She resigned from her high status, well-paid job and made the commitment to overcome her fears and create a life of her choosing. Today she helps others do the same. At the forefront of her mission, she work towards creating clarity for new and established entrepreneurs by helping them to identify their core values and rediscover joy, build their own successful and profitable service-based online business and ultimately, lead a life without time constraints or compensation caps.

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Larisa Makuch

Larisa Makuch is a Master Results Coach and CEO of Abundance Academy. She helps motivated entrepreneurial and professional women stop spinning their wheels, overcome anxiety and banish limiting beliefs so they can free themselves to unapologetically create the life and business they want and love. In her early career, Larisa followed her passions in dance, photography, event planning, finance, marketing, advertising, and mind-body movement. Regardless of what modality she worked, she noticed that it was ultimately the belief system clients held that determined the speed and trajectory of their confidence and results. As the author of the upcoming Stop Procrastinating Your Life Away: Discover the Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom and CEO of Abundance Academy, it’s her mission to positively impact more than 1-Billion people across the globe and allow the world to be a better place for all.

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Lauren Egle

Lauren Egle is a Master Shaman and Registered Nurse who assists LightWorkers, Healers & Spiritual Seekers worldwide to tap into their inner ability to heal themselves, learn to heal others, and reach their full potential including unlocking their individual gifts. Her focus is a balance of cosmic and down to earth teaching to not only UPLEVEL their spiritual growth but also bring their heart’s desires into the physical world and to other people. She has assisted thousands through metaphysical fairs, Group Master Classes, Virtual Retreats, her Lightworkers Accelerator and Up-Leveled Healers Programs and with her “Lightworkers & Healers Tribe” FB group. She has also been featured in the Denver Voyager Magazine and a guest star for many astounding business leaders and leaders alike.

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Lorraine Schuchart

Lorraine is an accredited public relations practitioner (APR) and award-winning writer who has worked with beloved brands from Nabisco, Jeep and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, to the American Cancer Society and 1% for the Planet. In addition to writing for clients, she has written for a number of online and printed publications.

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